Are you about to become a father, or maybe you recall when you were an expectant father? It’s an emotional time, so how do you feel? Excited, terrified, perhaps a little confused?  Where do you look for support?

Carrina Bradbury’s guest appearance on Radio National’s Life Matters program “So You’re Going to be a Dad!”

29 September 2014



 Collie suffers mental health staff shortage

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Featured in the Collie Mail – click on this image to read the full article


Bunbury ‘Caring for Carers’ Info Day


On November 26th Red Cross held a “Caring for Carers “information day in Bunbury at the Lord Forrest Hotel. 34 Carers attended. Service providers from Red Cross Respite Centre, Home and community care, Aged Care Assessment Team, Older Adult Mental Health and Disability Services spoke in the morning about the assessment process to access the services they provide and provided information on what is available to carers. Bunbury counselling then provided some easy strategies on how to cope with the stress that comes with a caring role.




Gambling help overdue in the South West

BUNBURY residents struggling with a gambling addiction can now seek help with the launch of Beyond Gambling. Bunbury Counselling director Carrina Bradbury said a program like this was overdue in the South West. “We have received responses that the impacts of gambling are not being addressed as a group of collective issues,” she said. “The link between gambling and other social and health issues is prevalent within our community.




Beers and Bubs!

Beer and babies, it’s not really two words you want to group together. But for local social worker, Annette Owen reckons it will be a great way of getting soon-to-be-dads together to learn about what kind of world they will be stepping into once their babies are born, and all in the comfort of their very own …pub!


Spotlight to shine on community leaders at forum

As part of the annual Southern Regions Community Leadership Forum, the Southern Regions Community Leadership Awards will highlight the achievements of outstanding community leaders and organisations.

Inspirational Leadership – Funded

  • Carrina Bradbury, South West




Childbirth help for new dads

Beer and Bubs facilitator Carrina Bradbury said the program gave men an opportunity to learn about childbirth in a relaxed environment at the pub.

‘‘The two-and-a-half-hour session covers what to say and what not to say during childbirth, tips on how to be an advocate for the birthing mother, practical tips on pain management as well as how to support a woman through each stage of labour, including a caesarean,’’ she said.